Greek Lamb and Eggplant Lasagna Recipe

It’s a lasagna. It’s not a quick weeknight meal. And it’s soooooo worth it when you find the time. It’s one of our favs.

Eggplant layer:

1 medium eggplant – – > slice, salt, drain 1 hr. Pat dry, coat in oil, broil both sides till brown.


Meat Sauce layer:

1 onion

1-2 cloves garlic – – >sauté in oil

1/2 – 3/4 lb ground lamb – – > add and brown

then add,

1 lb diced tomatoes

1 TBSP tomato paste

1/2 tsp cinnamon

dash all spice

salt/pepper – – >simmer at least 30 min. Can be made ahead.


White Sauce Layer:

2 TBSP butter

2 TBSP flour – – > cook till golden

1-2 c milk – –  > whisk quickly, simmer 5 min till thick

1 egg, beaten – – > whisk in quickly, cook less than 1 min


375 degrees. In 8×8 dish, layer sauce, no boil lasagna, sauce, eggplant, cream, feta. At least 3 layers. End with pasta, cream, feta.

Cover with foil. Bake 40 min and then a bit more w/o foil to brown.

Plan ahead and make a twice or three times the recipe and freeze some. You’ll thank me later.

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