Poultry CSA

How it works

Our CSA is the easiest way to ensure you get our chicken and/or eggs all year round. Tell us what you need for the year and we’ll make it happen.

You order a year’s worth of food in the spring. We plan it and grow it within our growing season and make it available all year round.

Our CSA season is June  2022 through May 2023.

You can pick up your orders at the Maryville Farmers Market (April-Nov), at the farm in Greenback (by appt), or have it delivered to your door. 

CSA : Community supported agriculture

Let’s be honest, this is basically a subscription service for chicken and eggs. And we could call it that. But we don’t because we are not a giant online grocer. We do not have warehouses and we do not outsource our farming. Your subscription supports your local farm and builds our community. It is just as much about how the food is grown as it is about connecting you directly to it and the people who raise it.  We are also trying to meet you in the middle, making the access to this relationship more convenient and reliable.



Tell me how many dozen eggs (chicken or duck) you want per month. I’ll make sure I’ve got enough hens for you and, weather and hawks permitting, I’ll get those eggs to you each and every month. 

Chickens - Bulk Ordering

Order your year’s worth of chickens in bulk batches and get a discount. If you have a freezer (or the space for one,) you’ll save $ by buying our chickens during the growing season (May-Oct).

Chickens - Monthly

Don’t have extra freezer space? No problem. We can store your birds in our freezers and dole them out to you monthly. Think about how many you will need per month and we’ll grow your year’s worth of birds in our 6 month growing season.

DEliveries or PickUp

We run Blount County deliveries throughout the year, usually every other Sunday morning. You can also pick them up at the farm or the Maryville Farmer’s Market. At the beginning of each month you’ll receive an email where you can schedule your delivery/pickup for that month.

Bulk Ordering helps everybody out

Our meat chickens, unlike commercial poultry, are a seasonal product. We grow them April through October so they can live comfortably outdoors with all that sunshine, fresh air, and clover and grasshoppers to eat. So during the summer and fall months we’re overrun with chickens. By buying your chickens in bulk during the growing season you’re helping us keep our freezers available for the next round of chickens coming in.

The 2022 Chicken CSA is full. No more chickens, but you can still sign up for eggs.