Pastured Turkey

Pastured Tastes Better

Pastured poultry is the ultimate in flavor. Ample access to natural forage translates directly to intensely flavorful meat. 

Pastured Is Healthier

Our birds are never treated with antibiotics, hormones, or any other meds. They don’t need it. Birds on the field are not biosecurity war zones like their unfortunate commercial cousins.

Pastured Packs Vitamins

Research has found pastured poultry to be more nutrient dense in both eggs and meat.

Pastured Is Happier

Raising birds on pasture makes every living thing associated with the process happier: we the managers, the birds, and the environment. 

Highest Quality of Taste, Nutrition, and Animal Well Being

We raise Broad Breasted Whites or Bronzes exclusively on pasture. They spend their first few days on the farm in a little brooder house to make sure they’re fluffed out and ready for the field. During this time we are their mama turkeys, keeping them warm and safe and well fed. We grow and pick fresh greens for them and hand feed them daily in addition to their grain rations.

As soon as they have enough feathers to tolerate the weather they are moved to the pastures. There they have a shelter they can use for shade, but largely they run around inside their electric netting finding all the available clover and crickets. Nearby guard dogs help ward off aerial predators. We move the whole set-up of housing and fencing to a new paddock regularly, as soon as they need the space.

Our turkeys have access to all natural grain along with as many worms and bugs and greens they can hunt down.  They are allowed to walk and run and jump and scratch and peck and feel the warmth of sunshine and the refreshment of a breeze.

Our turkeys are available to purchase in the fall, usually by the first of November.

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