Grass Fed Lamb

We tend a flock of hair sheep who are kept on fresh pasture year round. We keep their paddocks small and move them once or twice weekly to ensure they eat all their greens and always have fresh forage. In this way we keep ahead of parasites and pathogens and have healthy and happy sheep. It also allows us to care for our fields by not overgrazing and allowing for plenty of rest between grazing.

Our flock currently consists of Katahdin sheep. Like any other grass/pasture raised animal it takes a little longer to grow out the lamb on grass only but the flavor of the meat is unparalleled. We offer several common cuts and sell half or whole lambs as ordered. If you don’t see what you need on our order page please send us a note and we can likely get it for you

Why Eat Grass Fed Lamb

The taste of lamb is exceptional, especially when grown exclusively on grass.

By raising them exclusively on grass, we produce a lean nutritious meat that has excellent flavor. They help us by providing fertilizer and keeping the meadows mown. They eat a great variety of forage and contribute minimally to soil compaction. In this way we tend to their health, to ours, and to the health of our land.

Our sheep live happy healthy lives. We ensure a low stress environment by careful management of factors like herd size, herd dynamic, adequate fresh food and water, and 24/7 protection from predators (electric fencing and guardian puppies who are integrated into their flock). We are admirers of the quite calm nature of sheep and we work to ensure that we treat them with the utmost calm respect in our handling of them.

We personally didn’t try lamb until later in life. We first tasted it at a restaurant that served it in a pita with a cilantro yogurt sauce. It was mega delicious. Fast foward to our homesteading and we knew lamb was on the list.

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