Tips for Roasting a Pastured Chicken

Our favorite way to eat our birds is both a reliable method and a quick one (meaning, little stand in front of the stove time). Here’s how we do it:

Completely thaw and have at room temperature if possible. Smother entire bird with whatever fat is handy (olive, butter, lard, etc). Season liberally with whatever floats your boat.

Preheat oven at 350. Preheat a heavy lidded dutch oven on the stove top until smoky. Sear bird on all sides till golden. Once seared, pop lid on and slide into the oven. If you’re smart you’ll throw some root vegetables in the pot too so those will be ready for dinner too. Cook till internal temp is 165. Usually takes around an hour depending on bird size and the way the wind is blowing.

Let rest so as to not burn your mouth.

Pastured Bird Roasting Tips:

Our birds will be leaner than grocery store birds. Roast breast side down so those fatty dark meats keep the breasts moist.

Roast slower and lower than your normal cook routines.

Seal in moisture. Coat in a fat. Put a lid on it. Add some liquid. Don’t be afraid.

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  1. This is our family’s favorite roast chicken recipe! The green sauce will change your life. It’s an amazing combination with the seasonings for the chicken marinade. It’s a weeknight go to for us and we use the green sauce for days afterwards as salad dressing and to dip anything we can into it. Yum!

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