Me Food Good

I figure if you want to be a farmer you’ve got to be more than ok with being alone for long stretches of time. Not just ok with. Needs. Another word for this: introvert.

I read somewhere once that in order to have a successful farm which sells direct to the public you’ve got to have someone on the team that likes to talk. Likes to chat. Is comfortable with shooting the breeze with anybody.

This person is not me. Or my better half. This represents one of our direct farming setbacks.

After spending so much time alone with glorious mama earth and my uninterrupted stream of consciousness, my increased clarity of mind might help to better enunciate my thoughts and communicate like a human being. But in my experience, it’s just as likely to cause me to scare off anybody who comes too near. Beware of the woman in worn denim with wild hair and dirt under her nails. She might just scare the hell out of you.

It doesn’t help that the majority of my actual human conversing is with young children. They have painstakingly drained my brain cells and brought me down to their level.

Me talk you listen, ok? No run away.

Me food good. Good for you. Good for me. Good for earth. You buy and me grow, ok?


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