Farming while female: trip to the processor

Fun sheep farming fact: some producers (read: male) have found a correlation between ram testicle size and fertility. So you can go measure some sheep balls and feel good about life. I’ll leave it to you though. I’m good.

Another fun sheep farming fact: all the humans (read: male) that will watch a female competently maneuver a livestock trailer at the butcher to drop off said sheep will feel so in awe that they will each need to and at great length express their surprise and pleasure at the Monumental Feat. One will ask how she learned to do that and say she “must haul rigs as her day job because you would be amazed at how many idiots can’t back up a trailer.” One will say she “backed that trailer up better than any man he’s seen.” Yet another will huff over once the job is done to say he ”was coming to do it for her but it seems she got it. And on her first try too!”

Last fun farm fact for today: Farming while female is delightful, soul satisfying, pride and muscle building. It also requires much deep breathing so as to not “accidently” back one’s trailer over someone else’s (read: male) big toe.

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